TAMPOPO was the first to bring Kurobuta (Berkshire Pig/ Black Pig) into Singapore and TAMPOPO is well known for our specialty of Kurobuta. Our Kurobuta are imported from one of the largest Kurobuta specialised farm in the States. TAMPOPO’s Kurobuta is renowned for its juiciness and tenderness, attributed by the feed of sweet corn and Japanese meat-cutting techniques.

Kyoto Wagyu Beef

Raised on the stress-free Kyoto Tanba Ranch (京都丹波牧場), these Wagyu ranked first in the 61st Kinki Tokai Hokuriku Union beef cattle Kyoshin Board in Japan.

Fresh Sashimi & Seafood Products

Fresh fishes are sent twice a week by air from Japan with the Cultivated Blue Fin Tuna (Hon Maguro) for our tuna sashimi. With our own containers coming in regularly from Hokkaido, our customers get to enjoy fresh seafood items from Hokkaido like Surume Ika, Scallop, Ikura and more.


Our rice is imported from Japan Niigata, Shiga or other prefectures depending on the crop quality of each year. TAMPOPO ensures that we serve one of the best quality Japanese rice to our customers.

Ramen Noodle

TAMPOPO has worked closely with our handpicked Japanese Ramen Noodle Company to develop a perfect combination of thin and firm texture of ramen, like no other. Because we believe in serving only the best to our customers. Our Hokkaido ramen is produced by one of the largest and most reputable Ramen manufacturers in Hokkaido. To uphold this reputation, please be assured that we will only serve the finest quality ramen, so you can enjoy the authentic taste of Hokkaido.

Soba and Udon

Soba: Our Etanbetsu soba uses 100% Hokkaido buckwheat for a differentiated aroma and texture as compared to other soba made from non-Japanese buckwheat powder. Being expensive and a rarity, it is exclusive to our restaurants.
Udon: In search of the best udon that goes well with our udon soup and tastes good whether served hot or cold, we imported premium udon from Japan, characterised with an extremely smooth and chewy texture.   

Dashi/ Soup Stock

Dashi and Soup Stock

Dashi is an essential part of Japanese cuisine created by chance from a Kyoto dashi company. Kyoto dashi goes well with carefully selected ingredients and brings out the goodness of every ingredient perfectly.

Sushi Vinegar and Shoyu

We use sushi vinegar imported from a specialised sushi vinegar manufacturer in Japan, who also supplies to more than half of the famous “Edomae Sushi” shops in the Tokyo area. Sushi vinegar is vital in our signature TAMPOPO dishes. In order to match the freshness of our sashimi and sushi, we use imported shoyu produced in Chiba by a well-established shoyu manufacturer.

Bread Crumbs and Oil

If you think of a true-blue TAMPOPO Signature, Tonkatsu comes to mind. We use Kurobuta meat and Japan produced bread crumbs to create the perfect Tonkatsu. The bread crumbs are not only crispy, crunchy and flaky but also helps to reduce oiliness effectively. The 100% vegetable oil we used for deep frying is produced by a Japanese oil maker.


The founder of TAMPOPO was born in a family-owned sake brewery that has been operating for 290 years, since 1720. Possessing skilled brewing techniques to ensure the highest quality sake, we bring you the fruity and mellow taste of sake.