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Our Story


Founder's Profile


TAMPOPO is helmed by Managing Director of Creative Food Concept, Mr. Takaaki Takagi who has extensive experience in the food business for over 30 years. Committed to spreading the knowledge of Japanese food, he also acted as adviser to several local and foreign organisations to share the goodness of Japanese cuisine and fresh produce from Japan.

During the Japanese food boom in Singapore, he successfully pushed the boundaries and introduced Kurobuta, Ramen and Japanese Confectionery into Singapore’s F&B market, which brought about a significant impact to the F&B industry.

Today, he continues to create new dishes to cater to the taste buds of both locals and Japanese residing in Singapore. One of his greatest masterpiece in the past decade is the Collagen Rich Chicken Pai Tan Ramen that keeps our loyal customers coming back for more!


Brand Story


TAMPOPO, meaning Dandelion in Japanese, is a strong and resilient flower that spreads and flourishes even in the toughest of conditions. Inspired by the characteristics of this flower, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the perfect dining experience through sharing the authentic flavours and culture of Japan. 

Established since 2004 in Singapore, we believe in using the freshest ingredients imported directly from Japan and quality sources from all around the world. Our commitment and dedication to giving our customers the best, is one of the reasons we were voted “Best Japanese Restaurant in Singapore” by AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards 2016. 

We are well known for our Kurobuta dishes and have several outlets conveniently located in the heart of Orchard Road. Besides popular favourites like the Kurobuta Shabu Ramen and Kurobuta Tonkatsu, TAMPOPO’s menu also offers a wide selection of exquisite Sashimi and delectable Ramen. Satiate your cravings for authentic Japanese cuisine with us right here at TAMPOPO today!


Our Quality





The surface of the choux pastry was covered in a cookie crust, making the cream puff taste fragrant and extra aromatic. The cream filling was smooth with a strong whiff of vanilla permeating throughout the entire dessert.

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