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About Tampopo Restaurant


Well-known for being the first to bring Kurobuta pork to Singapore, the Tampopo family of restaurants has been serving authentic Japanese fare for over 18 years. Along the way, we have won numerous awards for our dedication to excellent service and food quality. Our team takes great pride in serving guests with quality and authentic Japanese food, paired with trademark Japanese hospitality. 

Experience Tampopo with our two outlets at Takashimaya and Oasis Terrace. We look forward to serving you classic Japanese dishes with distinctly different casual dining experiences

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TAMPOPO @ Takashimaya S.C.


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TAMPOPO @ Oasis Terraces


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Ask any local about tonkatsu and they would almost immediately think of Tampopo. This comes as a surprise for first-timers, especially since their extensive menu boasts a whole range of dishes from fresh sashimi to hearty bowls of udon. Yet, it is their addictive golden cutlets that keep diners coming back for more each time. If you’re new to the restaurant, we highly recommend the top grade BP tonkatsu set, a Tampopo signature that makes use of cuts from the prized black pig.

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